Astronics Test Systems Announces Expansion of System-Level Test (SLT) Platform for Semiconductor Testing

Scalable version of the platform makes incorporating an SLT strategy easier and more affordable for more test scenarios

EAST AURORA, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Astronics Corporation (NASDAQ: ATRO), a leading provider of advanced technologies for the global aerospace, defense, and semiconductor industries, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary Astronics Test Systems (ATS) is introducing an expansion of the ATS 5034 System-Level Test (SLT) Platform. Featuring new semi-automatic solutions in a scalable system, the ATS 5034 now offers lower volume, higher mix, small lot, and/or longer test duration options for semiconductor manufacturers.

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The components of the ATS 5034 SLT Platform make SLT affordable, enabling a shift to a 100% SLT stra ...

The components of the ATS 5034 SLT Platform make SLT affordable, enabling a shift to a 100% SLT strategy, improving yields and eliminating defects. (Photo: Business Wire)

With this introduction, the company now delivers configurations that facilitate the industry’s fastest, easiest development path from single-site to massively parallel system-level test for semiconductor packages of all types.

“Customers continue to embrace System-Level Test, particularly where quality and yield are critical,” says Jon Sinskie, Executive Vice President of Astronics Test Systems. “This platform expansion makes it easier for our customers to get started with SLT and scale as needed for their specific test plans and production ramps.”

Built on more than 20 years of field-proven technology, Astronics has tested over 9 billion devices on more than 1,000 testers worldwide to support high-volume device production where massively parallel solutions are most economical. Now, Astronics is bringing SLT to a broader market, making it achievable and affordable for customers to conduct true system performance testing on more semiconductors for a variety of mission-critical applications such as automotive, mobile, data, desktop, biomedical, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices.

The ATS 5034 SLT Platform: Scale Capacity and Functionality As Needed

For customers using this system, the workflow scales from a single-site to massively parallel test solution. It begins with a Single-Site Device Development Board (DDB) Kit, which in-turn scales into a Single-Slot Tester (SST). Next, Astronics can leverage the single-slot design into the Multi-Slot Chamber (MSC), which sets the foundation for testing in massive parallelism. The MSC configuration also serves as a manual standalone low-volume solution until more production capacity is necessary. When needed, the MSC solution becomes semi-automatic with the addition of a Semi-Automatic Board Loader/Unloader (BLU). To become fully automatic, the company integrates a high-speed handler to provide a turnkey SLT solution that can deliver testing at volume.

The versatility in this expandable platform approach supports the fastest development path to massively parallel test for commercializing emerging semiconductor-based products. Economically, the ATS 5034 SLT Platform enables the consolidation of many testers into one, where users can experience a significant reduction in cost of test, cost of ownership, and operating expenses (OPEX) for improved operational efficiency.

Key features of the scalable ATS 5034 SLT Platform include:

  • Up to 5,000 units per hour (UPH) and up to x396 sites in parallel for the fully-automatic configuration
  • Available best-in-class conducted thermal capabilities, including automatic temperature control (ATC) and tri-temp
  • Easy-to-operate automation and lot management with proven ActivATE™ software
  • Simple operation - JEDEC trays in and JEDEC trays out
  • Supports all popular package types today, including system on chip (SoC), module, and heterogeneous system in package (SiP), with future supportability for new package types

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Astronics Test Systems leverages nearly 60 years of experience to offer automatic test expertise to electronics manufacturers in the aerospace, military, semiconductor, medical, space, mass transit, and automotive industries. Astronics’ test solutions ensure the world’s most advanced electronic products perform as designed, every time.


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Anil Bhalla
Senior Manager
Astronics Test Systems

Source: Astronics Corporation