Astronics to Display Enhanced Vision System at NBAA that Logged 1.1 Million Miles

Chief Pilot Dan Weber with the IMS Cessna Caravan. Talking about the Astronics Max-Viz 600 EVS, he says, "The system greatly increases the safety of o. ur operation." The Max-Viz 600 system is shown under the outboard left wing

EAST AURORA, NY, October 16, 2019 – Astronics Corporation (Nasdaq: ATRO), a leading provider of advanced technologies for global aerospace, defense, and other mission critical industries, today announced that at the 2019 National Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAA) next week, it will exhibit a Max-Viz Enhanced Vision System (EVS) that has logged over one million miles

After performing flawlessly on a Cessna Caravan flown by Industrial Maintenance Services, Inc. (IMS) for 10 years and 1.1 million nautical miles, the Astronics Max-Viz 600 EVS has been retired. Astronics will display the working unit October 22-24 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth C11617, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

IMS is a highly-diversified heavy and general construction company that provides professional, technical, and construction services to production facilities, municipalities, government agencies, and private industry. IMS uses the Caravan to transport company personnel to its projects throughout the country.  To date, they have flown to more than 260 locations.

"This system was on our airplane for over a million miles, and was maintenance free the entire time. We never had an issue with it whatsoever and it certainly performed flawlessly," said IMS Chief Pilot Dan Weber. "I would not want to fly the airplane without it."

Weber has 17,000 overall flying hours, with 6,000 of those on the Caravan flying the 1.1 million miles over the past 10 years. He indicated the Max-Viz 600 EVS was installed in 2008 when the aircraft was new, as the first Max-Viz system installed on the Caravan, via a Supplemental Type Certificate. Since then, the Max-Viz 600 system has been installed on many Caravans, where it has continuously proven its reliability and safety benefits.

Astronics’ Max-Viz sensor installation still operated perfectly under the Caravan wing after 6,000 hours and 1.1. million miles, but shows some cosmetic wear and tear.

The Max-Viz 600 EVS is a multi-spectral imager with 320x240 long wave infrared sensor and a visible light and near infrared sensor. It offers patented blending and dynamic range management image processing designed for general aviation. Housed in an aerodynamic surface mount fairing, the lightweight sensors enable quick and easy installation. The sensor images present on any display that accepts NTSC/Analog RS-170 video signals.

While IMS' EVS system was performing faultlessly, the company worked with Astronics Max-Viz to replace it with a new Max-Viz 600 system for cosmetic reasons. The wear and tear included a pockmarked camera lens that actually didn't affect the displayed image, according to Weber. He indicated that he relied on the system for a number of flying benefits, including:

  • Identifying cloud formations prior to penetrating icing conditions
  • Situational awareness
  • Seeing the runway conditions ahead of time, including wildlife incursions
  • Utilizing night vision for up-to-the second verification of weather events and confirming weather radar and satellite images, which have a slight lag time
  • Enhancing the identification of nighttime flight traffic
Max-Viz 600 EVS displays on a flipper screen above the glare shield.

About the Astronics Max-Viz 600

Astronics’ Max-Viz 600 EVS provides pilots with an unprecedented level of situational awareness and safety by enabling them to see more clearly and precisely during day or night thereby reducing stress. Pilots can:

  • See clearly through haze, smoke, smog, light fog
  • See everything clearly during the darkest night
  • See clouds and avoid them at night for a smoother ride
  • See the runway and taxiway clearly while avoiding non-fixed obstructions, such as vehicles or wildlife, at night.

Passengers feel safer because they clearly see what the pilot sees. The system shows what synthetic vision can't - the real world in real time.

See the actual unit that flew 1,100,000 miles in the Astronics booth at NBAA or learn more about the
Max-Viz 600 on the Astronics website


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  • Note to media: Astronics will display the 1.1M mile unit in booth C11617 at NBAA October 22-24. Please contact for an appointment to learn more.